Services in Subsoil Investigation & Geotechnical Engineering

Risks related to subsoil are usually at the builder-owner’s risk. To minimize these risks, SakostaCAU’s team of experienced engineering geologists and construction engineers offers geotechnical support to your development project. Trust us in supporting you in all project phases with our know-how, ranging from investigation and planning, preparation of contract and assistance in their placement up to the local site supervision.

  •     Subsoil Investigation, geotechnical field tests and laboratory tests
  •     Calculations for statics in earth works, sheeting of excavation pits,   hydrogeological calculations
  •     Evaluation of subsoil and foundation study for earth structures,  buildings, Infrastructure (Traffic Routes), Bridges, Tunnels, Buildings/ Pipes for subbly and waste management
  •     Geotechnical consulting services, quality assurance during the building process